Clear Aligners Orthodontics

Clear Aligners Orthodontics in 4611 N summit st, Toledo, OH 43611

Call us to schedule an appointment to get a professional fit for Clear Aligners clear braces orthodontic system to straighten your teeth at Point Place Dental care. We are conveniently located at 4611 N summit st, Toledo, OH 43611

If you’re looking to fix a bite issue, such as an overbite or underbite, to fix a spacing or crowding issue or you just need to straighten your teeth in general, Clear Aligners treatment may be right for you. At Point Place Dental care, we provide you with a personalized treatment plan put together by Dr. Haffar himself. To create your custom plastic aligners first you will receive an initial consultation. After this initial consultation, x-rays and impressions of your teeth may be made so that our fantastic team can engineer your unique set of Invisalign invisible aligners to be the perfect fit. Clear Aligners  move your teeth into position based on your molds and are changed every so often to further the straightening process. With a professional fit and in-office visits to track your progress, you’ll have straight teeth in a short time.

Clear Aligners is for teens as well, some of the most impacting moments by conventional metal braces happen in our growing years as adolescents. As an adult, getting braces can be very intimidating, and thinking of all the interactions you’d be subject to in a professional setting while you have those stereotypically teenage devices wired to your vehicle of communication. In the professional and customer service world, interacting with our human family, this vehicle of communication we call our smile is an investment.

Clear Aligners will straighten your teeth and as you go about your business day by day, they will be unnoticeable to others in your conversations, unobstructed to your eating habits, and being able to slip it on and off makes it a very practical choice for all sorts of lifestyles. Clear Aligners boast a variety of advantages over traditional straightening options, such as being made practically invisible, the plastic is BPA-free, much more comfortable than traditional braces, and made just for you. No pain from sharp brackets and wires,

We bring to you the options of the decade, metal braces are an anomaly of the past, mostly an intrusive and painful process. Clear Aligners is a revolutionary technology built around your modern life, built to move, built to be unnoticeable, easy to manage, and built to give you the great smile our family of dentists and staff at Point Place Dental care is all about.

Call Us to discuss payment options, schedule an appointment, or ask any questions. Many orthopedic insurance plans cover Clear Aligners treatment. We serve patients from Toledo OH, Oregon OH, Ottawa Hills OH, Moline OH, Woodhurst OH, Harbor View OH, and Shoreland OH.

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