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Meet Dr. Haffar at Point Place Dental care in 4611 N summit st, Toledo, OH 43611

DentistDr. Haffar, DDS, and a team of dental care specialists provide top-rated general and family dentistry specializing in cosmetic dentistry for Northwest Ohio. Point Place Dental care is located at

Family Dentist Dr. Haffar

With over 20 years of experience, Family Dentist Dr. Haffar has been practicing dentistry since 1995. Dr. Haffar is a talented and caring dentist who has a passion for

When it comes to your oral health, you’re in the right place; Dr. Haffar inspiration for becoming a family dentist came from the enjoyment of working with his hands along with meeting people. Whether you’re in need of a minor or

You can simply to book an appointment. 

Yes, Dr. Haffar is accepting new patients in his clinic, which is conveniently located at

Yes, at Point Place Dental care we offer

Dr. Haffar grew up in Livonia, Michigan, and is currently residing in Toledo, OH with his wife, Reema, and their two children, Omar and Usman.

Down to earth with a sense of humor, if Dr. Haffar had it his way, Michigan would beat Ohio State University every year!

Meet the Point Place Dental care Team!

The “ Point Place Dental care” Team – You’re looking at the finest dental team in Northwest Ohio!

There’s no doubt about it.

Dr. Haffar goes above and beyond to recognize his staff. Check out some photos from past events.

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